The Real Reason People Fall for ‘Miracle Cures’

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First of all, there are no such things as ‘miracle cures.’ Whatever treatment or substance in question, it has a certain level of effectiveness.  And that effectiveness can range from 100% effective to 0% effective.  But then again, some treatments actually cause cancer. I’m not quite sure how to rate their effectiveness. -100% perhaps?

The gullibility of people to get duped into paying for quack cures for cancer (or any other disease) is only because they’re searching for something that has a better chance of working than what the Medical Industry is offering.

People aren’t as stupid as Big Pharma and the Medical Establishment would like to believe. The lethal toxicity of chemotherapy and radiation are legendary, even to people who still allow themselves to be treated with them. Just about everybody I know has a gruesome story of a friend or family member who died a horrible, painful death due to chemotherapy and radiation.

The bottom line is that if Big Pharma wasn’t in bed with the Medical Establishment (and government regulators) to limit people’s access to safer, more effective treatments, they would already have found them.  There’s no way that they wouldn’t have found them considering the many billions of dollars that have been spend on cancer research, along with the millions of man-hours of research work that has been conducted by scientists and researchers.

I, personally, have noticed that the entire direction of research has been commandeered by Big Pharma and the Medical Establishment so that no cheap, effective, readily available treatments for cancer will be found. And even more sinister, the people who have found them have all been summarily suppressed, maligned, ridiculed, regulated, banned, excoriated, and in some instances, murdered so that they can be silenced. The same fate has befallen every maverick MD, PhD, DO, ND, MS, RN, etc., or even laypeople who have found more effective disease treatments. But cancer is their best ‘golden goose,’ and is the most jealously guarded scheme.

If Big Pharma was doing such a great job at curing cancer and other diseases, there wouldn’t even  be an alternative cancer or alternative health movement. Only the terminally brainwashed, those who do not seek to question the status quo or who actually identify themselves with it continue to support it. More and more people are taking the steps to learn about other more sane approaches to cancer treatment and health care.

At the rate we are going, the health care industry is going to bankrupt America, and if left unheeded, the entire planet. Conventional cancer treatment regimens often cost upwards of $5-10,000 per month. All in an era of falling wages, jobs, and rising prices for most things. Conventional medicine is simply not sustainable. It’s more about profits than it is about what’s best for patients, or even what’s best for the country. It’s not right when medical bills are one of the leading causes of bankruptcy in America. And it’s even worse that most of those bankrupted by medical bills actually had health insurance! This is refined gouging, and it’s a sign that there’s too much profiteering going on.

In fact, most of the shady quack things that they’re accusing alternative cancer practitioners of doing could just as easily apply to what mainstream oncologists do. They are feeding on the desperation and vulnerability of the seriously ill. They use high-pressure sales tactics on these patients. They dissuade them from investigating any other treatment methods not under Big Pharma control. They refuse to work with patients who want to use other treatment methods and threaten not to work with them if they do.  They try to scare patients into accepting chemotherapy and radiation, telling them that they will die if they don’t quickly agree to them.  They use treatments that are readily identified as highly toxic and poisonous right in the drug inserts, so it’s not like anybody is making this up.

But they persist. I guess that it’s “profits at any cost.”  If they haven’t stopped it yet, after many decades of the same failed treatments, they’re not going to ever stop. They’ll only stop when enough people start saying “HELL NO!” to chemo and radiation and make it unprofitable.  They will continue to prey upon the uninformed, the fearful, the trusting, the gullible who trust these people selling them false hope with poisons masquerading as medicines.

Now I’m not supporting Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS), but some people have claimed it worked for them. But there are safer, more sane alternative options out there. Many of them can actually be used with chemotherapy and radiation. And some of them actually protect you from the devastating side effects of chemo and radiation. In almost all of the testimonials I’ve seen, the conventional health care practitioners are astonished when these patients actually get better and don’t suffer from the serious side effects of their ‘medicines.’ And they also never ask what the person is doing to cure their cancer. They just tell them to ‘keep doing whatever you’re doing’ because they don’t want to incur the wrath of the Medical Establishment.

And we already know that Quackwatch is ran by a Big Pharma shill, Dr Stephen Barrett who himself could qualify as a quack himself.

But no measurement of the placebo effect is ever mentioned for traditional cancer treatments. If it works for alternative cancer treatments, it stands to reason that it is also in play for conventional cancer treatments.

Also, no consideration of the effect of politics and conflicts of interest are mentioned when we evaluate conventional cancer treatments. The Medical Establishment is making huge sums of money based on the current methods of cancer treatment. I don’t see them stepping outside of their ‘cancer treatment box’ in any way. The same old paradigm creating the same old dismal results. Massaging the statistics doesn’t translate to reality, no matter how much or how long it goes on. And that’s why people still fear a cancer diagnosis along with the cancer treatments.

For more information, here are some of the best alternative cancer web sites you can find to get yourself educated!

Quackery feeds on the desperation and vulnerability of those who are seriously ill. Some experts have advice on how to avoid being duped.

There are plenty of other “miracle” healers trying to lure consumers into spending billions of dollars each year on fraudulent health products, according to Quackwatch, a nonprofit corporation that combats health fraud.

“The reality is that all people who are seeking help for an illness do so with a set of expectations and hopes about getting better,” Dr. David Gitlin, chief of medical psychiatry at Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital, told Healthline. “The need to get better, fear of failing treatment, and fear of death can drive people’s expectations so much that they are willing to believe almost anything in the hopes of getting those expectations met.”

A form of faith healing

In addition to desperation, Gitlin points to the human need to believe.

“This has been going on for thousands and thousands of years. It is faith healing,” he said. “I don’t say that in a negative way. There are many well-respected religions in which faith healing is an important component. Religion and spirituality may help more people in the world than medicine does partly because the human condition has a need to believe. When people lose a reason to believe we know people fail and die.”

Lipman says faith-based belief adds to people’s vulnerability.

Still, positive thinking may make people feel better, adds Gitlin.

“Good doctors know that part of treatment is helping you to build resiliency, positivity, and hope because that’s part of what contributes to the improvement of all medicines,” Gitlin says, all while presenting realistic expectations.

“When you tell someone their likelihood of surviving this cancer for more than 6 months is 10 percent, a lot of people will believe they’re in that 10 percent, but there is a natural bell curve to all diseases. Some people will die quickly, some will live the average amount of time, and others will live longer,” he said.

“When we hear statistics we have this unconscious drive that prevents us from giving in and may drive us to believe anything. In many ways this is a good human quality,” Gitlin added. “The problem is there are a lot of bad people in the world who take advantage of that human desire and need and that’s what charlatanism is at its basic core. It’s not that they trick people so much as prey on those vulnerable individuals who are so desperate to change their circumstance against all evidence.”

Placebo effect plays a part

Positive thinking carries over into the placebo effect, a phenomenon that occurs when a fake treatment (placebo) such as water or sugar is given to a person, and actually improves the person’s condition.

“We know that the need to believe, the desire and the expectation and hope for improvement can at least give the perception of improvement,” said Gitlin. “I think this may be the reason why people who seek out these cures then go on to say the miracle helped them. They can distort their own thinking so they may say ‘I feel better. I know my cancer has shrunk’ even though the data would show that it didn’t. Sooner or later, they come to realize it didn’t work or they may believe it stopped working. But what’s fascinating is that they perceptually did feel better.”

Are all natural approaches shams?

Barbara M. Rocha, N.D., a certified traditional naturopath, says while MMS and other “miracle cures” may be dangerous and unhealthy, not all natural remedies are.

“First of all, in natural medicine/healing, whatever term you want to use, we never say we can heal or cure you,” Rocha told Healthline. “Naturopathic medicine is not a ‘miracle cure,’ nor is any type of holistic treatment. It is about getting the body back into proper alignment in all aspects so that the body can move back to the proper state. And there is never just one answer or modality to accomplish it.”

“I tell my patients this takes work and time to turn things around and isn’t ‘bibbidi-bobbidi-boo.’ It takes commitment to themselves. I have been in this field a long time and have a great belief system, but never have I seen a ‘miracle’ in the sense that [the MMS church] uses,” she said.

Still, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warns that consumers should be mindful of products that claim to prevent, treat, or cure diseases or other health conditions but are not proven safe and effective for those uses.

“Relying on unproven products or treatments can be dangerous, and may cause harmful delays in getting the proper diagnosis and appropriate treatments,” says Lyndsay Meyer, FDA spokesperson.

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