Signs that Big Pharma is Faking the Search for the Cancer Cure

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Despite the endless claims of Big Pharma and the Medical Establishment that they are feverishly searching for the cure for cancer, it hasn’t materialized. And even worse, we’re not significantly closer to any true cures than we were 100 years ago.  All of this despite numerous decades of research and work.  And in spite of billions of dollars donated to cancer charities.

It’s astounding to me that people still give money to any of these cancer charities. At what point do people finally say that enough is enough? After all these years of research, the absolute best treatments they’ve found are basically the exact same poison treatments, chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.  And if you even consider immunotherapy better, understand that it’s just as prohibitively expensive as the other treatments, hovering around $100,000/year for treatment. And they love it because they foresee that people may be able to stay on immunotherapy drugs indefinitely.

If you analyze the situation, you will come to understand that Big Pharma is only interested in treatments that are extremely profitable.  So even if Big Pharma was to find a non-toxic cancer cure (or treatment for any other disease), they would actively work to hide it, discredit it, or suppress it. It would be the only things they could do to protect their profits. And them, along with the Medical Establishment and others that profit from the status quo work to protect their profits. They’re all in it together when it comes to profiting from the cancer merry-go-round.

Worse yet, anybody (insider or outsider) who threatens profits gets summarily dealt with. And the dirty bag of tricks comes into play. Lies, propaganda, fake research, rigged research trials, spiked research, skewing of results to give desired outcomes, and any other way they can insure that chemo, radiation and any other pipe dream profitable cancer ‘treatment’ is the only one that is approved for medical use.
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In fact, any treatment that is cheap and effective will meet with the intense scorn of the Medical Establishment, the cancer industry and Big Pharma. They want profits. Although they may be people, their entire livelihood rests on there NOT being a cure for cancer, especially one that is cheap, readily available, and/or not under Big Pharma control.  They will (and have a long history of) working persistently and ardently to destroy any alternatives to chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and any other expensive, marginally effective treatment that they control.

Some of the tangible signs that Big Pharma and the Medical Establishment are not sincere in their ‘search’ for cancer cures (and cures to other profitable diseases that they treat) are:

  1. They focus intense research on the minutiae of cancer etiology, disease process, and related topics instead of on the big picture.
  2. Even when they do research natural substances, they don’t recommend their use even though they are usually very non-toxic and have a very low downside to their use along with a huge upside if they do happen to work.
  3. Notice that health care professionals aren’t interested in finding out how cancer patients who successfully get better results than what would be expected (i.e., they don’t get side effect from chemo or radiation, or they get much better results in eradicating the cancer/tumors) or in what these patients are doing to get those great results.
  4. Health care professionals (esp. doctors and scientists) feel that they have a patent on truth, and that nobody else can possibly find a cure (or non-toxic, effective treatment) for cancer.
  5. Most people act like there is no politics, corruption, and other intrigue in science, and that the entire scientific and medical profession is beyond reproach, when nothing could be further from the truth.
  6. Scientists & health care professionals do not admit the truth that chemicals, GMOs, vaccinations, diet, etc., have a huge effect on disease incidence.
  7. Businesses (like Big Pharma) are not charitable organizations, and are only concerned about profits, and the hell with the effects on society and individual patients (as they prove by their actions, repeatedly).
  8. If it wasn’t about the money, they’d be researching down any avenue that might yield a cure, regardless of the profitability of the substance, but this isn’t the case.
  9. Nobody in the mainstream medical establishment will admit to or answer for the sordid history of the AMA, Big Pharma and the allopathic approach.
  10. A cheap cure would put the entire cancer industry out of business.
  11. If they admit that a non-establishment person did something that they couldn’t do, it would be a monumental embarrassment to the Medical Establishment, and would prove that they were wasting massive resources on BS research.
  12. They often dismiss treatments with no evidence except their own status and opinion.
  13. They only reference MDs and PhDs that agree with status quo opinions and ideas, and readily dismiss those who don’t. They get labeled as ‘quacks.’
  14. They try to use “standard practice” and the assumption of a consensus to ‘prove’ their case.
  15. Deny many truths that ‘alternative’ healthcare practitioners espouse until it becomes blatantly obvious that they were right all along (i.e., nutrition, smoking, mercury, etc.)
  16. The paradigm with chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery is mechanical instead of systemic and holistic; body viewed as a battlefield instead of an integrated system.
  17. Researchers and health care professionals continue to pursue failed strategies that haven’t shown any promise in decades (i.e., chemotherapy, radiation).
  18. The media, the government, the government regulators, and the other companies are all in on it, and they’re all making huge money off of the Cancer Industry.
  19. They keep barking up the ‘genetic cause for cancer’ tree when it has been amply proven that cancer is NOT a genetically caused disease in over 90% of the cases. But they appear to be hoping to be able to use ‘personalized’ cancer treatments for each patient, which will require expensive testing and customized drug production.

I don’t think most people like these things, including many health care professionals. But it is a reality for most people. I think that we can win if we start being more honest about things and begin to work together. Scientists, doctors and other health care professionals and everybody has a stake in improving the health care system. It may hurt profits to Big Pharma in the short-term to admit the truth, but it will be better in the long run for everybody when we embrace the truth about cancer and most other things. Do your own research and see what you find.

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