Selenium-A Natural Cure for Cancer?

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This is very exciting news, but the frustrating part is that this isn’t recent news. Worse yet, why isn’t information like this being widely promoted by the mainstream media, nor by the Medical Establishment?  That is a very interesting, and enlightening question for discerning minds.

We hear about all these newfangled, technical miracle medicines and treatments. Whether it’s immunotherapy, or some new drug, treatment or procedure that they have is supposed to revolutionize cancer treatment, we’re always hearing about these types of things from the Medical Establishment. But we don’t hear about how powerful selenium is for preventing cancer.

It would seem more sensible to prevent a person from contracting cancer rather than treating it after that person was diagnosed with it. That would appear to be a more advanced, proactive, effective way to deal with cancer. The best cancer diagnosis is one that is never made. At least that’s what would be cheaper and less painful for the prospective cancer patient.

But we must ask the question: Why is news like this not being slapped all over the news and the Medical Establishment? It wouldn’t be a reach to say that it’s because prevention doesn’t serve Big Pharma interests! Selenium is dirt cheap relative to chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, immunotherapy, or other mainstream treatment modalities.

We must be realistic and understand the concept and truth that Big Pharma companies are not charities! They are not humanitarian organizations like the Red Cross or the Salvation Army. Their mission isn’t the betterment of mankind, but the earning of profits for their owners. This isn’t hard to understand, and it is something that everyone needs to know, regardless of how you feel about it.

Things like this let you know that these companies are all about the profits. And this is why you don’t and won’t hear them plastering news or Public Service Announcements about selenium dropping your chances of contracting or dying of cancer by 50%. If it was a pharmaceutical drug that reduced the chances of contracting or dying of cancer by 50%, you’d never hear the end of it from Big Pharma and the Medical Establishment.

Nonetheless, you’re still seeing those Big Pharma commercials for their drugs for cancer and other ailments all over the place. This isn’t rocket science, but it will require you to set aside Big Pharma propaganda so that you can see the truth. But you’ll never see it if you blindly believe the Medical Establishment and their army of scientists that have been conditioned to be beholden to Big Pharma objectives and the Big Pharma paradigm. They’re all cashing in while they have nothing to say about things like selenium. In fact, they (and their minions) often tell you that diet, simple vitamins and minerals cannot cure or treat cancer. I wonder why…

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Selenium-A Natural Cure for Cancer?

Here’s one of natures most potent natural cancer cures the pharmaceutical industry hopes you never find out about (bad luck for them because you’re about to!)

See why selenium really is one of those “natural cancer treatments” many have been eagerly waiting and hoping for…

Selenium has now been recognized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in America as an anti-cancer nutrient. For that to happen there has to be some strong evidence to prove selenium’s benefit in cancer prevention and treatment.

And there certainly is!

The first conclusive study, a double blind study, was performed by Dr Larry Clark and the results published by the University of Arizona Medical School back in 1996 (these results were then published in the prestigious “Journal of the American Medical Association” J.A.M.A).

What Dr Clark did was take 1312 people and give them nothing more than 200 micrograms of selenium daily, then watch them for ten years.

What he discovered was that selenium alone was able to reduce the overall cancer mortality rate by a stunning 50%. Furthermore, it was able to reduce prostate cancer by 63%, and colorectal cancers by 58%. It was also able to reduce lung cancer by 46%, whether these people were smokers or not. And in a parallel study conducted by the University of California San Diego, they found that selenium was able to reduce breast cancer in women by a staggering 65-95%, depending on the type.

Wow! Amazing Stuff…

The results from this study were truly astounding and even shocked Dr Clark. But what’s even more astounding was that Dr Larry Clark, the man who physically set up the study, was actually against selenium!

Yes that’s right.

He believed selenium was nothing but a total fraud and he set up the study to prove his theory.

Instead it proved just the opposite!

And what’s almost unbelievable about all of this is even after the results, Dr Larry Clark still refused to swallow his pride and not only recognize selenium’s benefits, but also take selenium supplements himself.

Three years after the study, Dr Larry Clark died of prostate cancer.

Now some people might look at this and say it was a terrible tragedy.

I look at it and say it was pure insanity!

Enough said I think?

More Marvelous Benefits of Selenium for Cancer Sufferers…

So what other benefits can this remarkable mineral offer us in regards to treating and curing cancer?

Well, selenium also works very closely with vitamin C, vitamin E and beta carotene to block the chemical reactions in the body that create dangerous free radicals (free radicals damage our DNA and cause degenerative diseases, including cancer).

In addition, selenium helps to stop these damaged DNA molecules from actually reproducing. So in other words, it prevents tumors from even developing!

Dr James Howenstine, in his book, A Physicians Guide to Natural Health Products That Work, says… (In regards to selenium)

“It contributes towards the death of cancerous and pre-cancer cells. Their death appears to occur before they replicate, thus helping stop cancer before it gets started.”

And as a further benefit, selenium has also been shown to aid in the slowing – and even reversal – of cancer progression in patients who already have the disease.

Westerners often don’t get enough selenium, because it’s now been processed out of the foods normally eaten and western soils are grossly deficient.

This is one of the reasons why American men are five times more likely to die from prostate cancer than Japanese men. The standard Japanese diet contains four times the amount of selenium as the standard American diet.

Good News on Selenium For Breast Cancer Patients…

Ralph W Moss, in his ground-breaking book “Cancer Therapy”, talks about selenium and breast cancer. He states…

The statistics for breast cancer are particularly striking. “The higher the selenium, the lower the breast cancer,” says Professor Ladas. Similar associations have been found with leukemia, as well as cancers of the intestines, rectum, ovary, prostate, lung, pancreas, skin and bladder. In Yugoslavia, scientists studied 33 patients with breast cancer. These women had selenium levels in their bloodstream only half those of healthy volunteers.

And in “Eat and Heal” by the editors of FC&A Medical Publishing, they talk about the powerful effects of selenium when it’s combined with iodine and used as a natural cancer treatment – in particular for breast cancer…

Stephen Cann, associate researcher at the University of British Columbia, gives advice to women who want to fight breast cancer with diet, “Eat different types of seaweed”. These include wakame, kombu, and the more common nori – sea vegetables that might fight cancer because of their iodine and selenium. “We think it is very important for the breast”, Cann says about iodine. This mineral, he believes, may prevent and even shrink breast tumors by combining with certain fatty acids and stopping cancerous cells from multiplying. And without the selenium, iodine doesn’t do its job properly.

The simple fact is all natural cancer treatments must be built on selenium supplementation.

You simply cannot go without this nutrient if you want to cure cancer!

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