Medical News and Science are Heavily Politicized

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This is a sore spot with me and others who have not been totally hypnotized by mainstream media and others who use their powers of discernment and analysis to allow them to find the truth.

In a perfect world, we could simply believe the authorities and others who have positions of influence and trust to tell the truth about things. But we do not, and have never lived in a utopia.

Although many people who claim a love and respect for science won’t admit it, there are huge unidentified biases in what is reported on in the media, and even in scientific journals.  And one of the biggest biases is that Big Pharma and the rest of the Medical-Industrial Complex are composed of corporations and a coterie of other ‘hangers-on’ that profit from the status quo.

You have television stations, radio stations and others who accept many millions and billions of dollars for Big Pharma advertisements.  You have most of the major journals that also accept huge sums of money for those same advertisements. The entire system is predicated on Big Pharma companies earning these huge profits. If those profits were to be destroyed by cheap, effective treatments for diseases, those profits and the people and institutions that depend on them for their wealth and power would be destroyed.

And the people that survive and thrive because of these profits will do anything to protect them. If you study the history that they won’t talk about in the mainstream media, you can observe what happens to those intrepid scientists, physicians and others who threaten Big Pharma profits. They get summarily ridiculed, insulted, threatened, de-licensed, fired, lose their tenure, lose their research positions and funding, and in some extreme cases, even get murdered.

Unfortunately, for many science aficionados, none of these occurrences and facts are ever talked about in any scientific journals. And these facts are often ascribed to ‘conspiracy theorists.’ But is it a theory, or is it just facts that aren’t ever truly confronted by mainstream media and the leaders of our institutions because they are too much truth that would, once again, threaten Medical-Industrial Complex profits?

Do you really expect those who are benefiting from the misery, bankruptcy and painful deaths of many millions of people to just come out and admit as much?  Do you expect them to confess to crimes and indecencies that would land them in jail and bankrupt them? Subject them to public scorn and excoriation?  To expect as much would be the epitome of naivety.

Unfortunately, because so many have a worship of science and the ‘scientific method,’ they become susceptible to such intrigue. They clamor for evidence and where ever the research guides us. But they find themselves unable to understand that the direction of research and the theories that are embraced are all selected by those in the Medical-Industrial Complex that lead to expensive treatments for diseases instead of cheap, effective cures for them.

In order to understand a situation, you often have to transcend the box in which is exists so that you can escape it. If you play a rigged game in a rigged system, don’t expect to ever be able to understand or escape it. Right now, the paradigm of Medicine and science has been captured by those who profit from the status quo. If it weren’t captured by them for other motives, we would already have cures for most major diseases like cancer, heart disease, infectious diseases, etc. But that wouldn’t lead to the most profitable situation for Big Pharma and its cronies.

Take cancer, for instance. The one who understands a subject takes the complex and makes it simple. The one who either doesn’t understand or is confounding the subject to profit from it, takes the simple and makes it complex.

Examine the history of those who came before Galileo and his theory of the Sun being the center of the galaxy.. They were all trying to justify the false notion that the Earth was the center of the galaxy. Each expert that tried to perform the calculations had to come up with more and more complex explanations and theories to ‘prove’ that the Earth was the center of the galaxy. This was the pre-selected conclusion that the Catholic church was paying all the experts to prove. And there was a consensus of all the astronomy experts of the time that the Earth was the center of the universe (sound familiar?).

But then along came Galileo who dared to announce his findings that the Earth wasn’t the center of the galaxy. But because the PTB were so wedded to the idea that the Earth was the center, he was punished for his heresy.  His calculations were simple and direct, relative to the ever-increasing complexities of the calculations and theories of those who sought to prove a falsehood, only because they were fawning to the power of the Catholic church.

So it’s good to require evidence and good scientific studies to support your beliefs about things. But don’t get lured into believing in science as if it were a religion instead of a system. And systems can always be gamed by those who have a higher perspective of it. It’s easy to think that a ‘consensus of experts’ will always lead to truth, but it just doesn’t work that way in the real world. Remember that doctors used to advertise and endorse cigarettes in the early & mid 1900’s. We’re just not as different from people from eras past as we would like to think.

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How medical ‘news’ became manipulated, industry-funded science throughout the 20th century

(Natural News) When it comes to accurately and honestly reporting the news, there is a definitive limit to what reporters are allowed to cover, especially when they are fully immersed in the culture of what has come to be known as the “mainstream media.” There are certain topics that you just do not touch in this realm — unless, of course, you want to be fired or relegated to “fringe” status, which many of the best reporters over the years have sadly come to realize firsthand.

The hijacking of news by special interests — and especially medical news — is hardly new. But the great disservice that it has done to the people of not only the United States but everywhere else that censorship has prevailed, is largely underestimated. For probably the last 100 years, medicine and the advancements surrounding it have served a sinister agenda that, far from helping people achieve true health, has harmed and killed millions upon millions of people through the printing of “fake science” medical news.

When powerful interests began to invade medical schools and change their curricula right around the turn of the 20th century is when things really went south. Doctors began to treat symptoms rather than copiously search for the root causes of illness in order to facilitate their proper healing. Medicine switched from a system that embraced comprehensive immune support to one where pharmaceutical drugs became the answer to everything — much to detriment of public health.

Vaccines and pharmaceuticals have replaced sound nutrition and common sense sanitation and hygiene. The average person knows next to nothing about which foods and herbs might naturally help him or her avoid disease but likely knows that popping an aspirin will relieve that nagging headache. And perhaps the biggest culprit driving this mass ignorance is the media, which has been complicit in hiding the truth from people for many decades.

Worse than terrorism: American medicine kills at least 225,000 people annually

Investigative journalist Jon Rappoport is all-too-familiar with media censorship, having withdrawn from its clutches back in the 1980s when he first observed what was going on. In the arena of vaccines, for instance, Rappoport recognized that stimulating the immune system to produce antibodies is not a reliable indicator that someone is immune from a disease, as antibodies also show up when a person is diagnosed with a disease — how reliable is that?

Or, what about our system of medicine as a whole, which a prominent science paper published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) back in 2000 revealed is responsible for killing at least 225,000 people living in the U.S. every single year? Mainstream medicine is so harmful, in fact, that statistics now show it to be the third leading cause of death in the U.S., behind heart disease and cancer. (Learn more truths about modern medicine at

It is a matter of fact that 2.1 million people in the U.S. are hospitalized every single year due to reactions or side effects from medications that have been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. In total, 36 million Americans suffer adverse reactions to FDA-approved drugs every year, and yet you will rarely hear a peep from the media about this serious epidemic.

Everything from the way certain diseases are diagnosed to the way they are treated is a byproduct of a failed system that, thanks in large part to cowardly journalists who refuse to take a stand, is only continuing to consolidate power and bring more death and destruction to our planet.

Rappoport is smart: he got out while he could and has since made a name for himself as a brave, truth-telling journalist with high rapport in truth-telling circles. But many others outside the fold — some of whom know the truth but refuse to tell it for whatever reason — continue to tow the line, at the expense of untold millions of lives.

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