Evidence That Big Pharma Doesn’t Want a Cancer Cure

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They’re always saying that people that understand that Big Pharma and the Medical Establishment don’t want any cures for cancer are conspiracy theorists. They say that people that believe this are insulting science, are not following science, and and are unscientific.

But if that’s the case, how do these people explain this phenomenon.

Dr. Sebi was accused of being a quack, practicing medicine without a license (as if that automatically makes someone a quack). He was arrested, taken to jail and formally charged with these crimes.

But Dr. Sebi won his case. He proved that he, in fact, WAS curing people of all sorts of chronic diseases (all of which mainstream medicine has no cures). He brought people to his trial that were cured of such diseases as: cancer, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, strokes, heart disease, STD’s, arthritis, and more.

The logical, scientific contention is that IF the Medical Establishment and Big Pharma were truly, honestly, earnestly, searching for cures for cancer and other diseases, they would have been actively seeking Dr. Sebi out to find out what he was doing so that they could start curing people of these diseases on a mass scale. Isn’t that what these science supporters always say? If a treatment works, it goes from being an ‘alternative cancer treatment’ to a ‘cancer treatment’, right?

So if the courts could not even get a conviction of this alleged quack who never went to any form of school, and he had mounds of evidence of the efficacy of his methods, why didn’t the medical authorities start beating down a path to his door IF they are TRULY looking for cures (especially cheap cures) for diseases?

Think about this. If you don’t understand this, you’re going to just keep getting tricked into thinking that there are no cures for cancer and other chronic diseases out there. You will actually believe that the most effective treatments for cancer are chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. And you’ll believe that the only effective treatments for any disease are drugs.

I’m gong to let you hear Dr. Sebi tell it to you in his own words. Unfortunately, Dr. Sebi died while in police custody when he was down in the the Honduras on August 6, 2016. Some think it was an assassination, and it wouldn’t be the first time that someone who threatened Big Pharma profits has been silenced.

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