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Alternative Cancer Treatment vs Conventional Cancer Treatment: A Paradigm Choice

I had an interesting exchange with a person who, evidently, supports the establishment cancer industry position on cancer treatments, cancer cures, cancer research and related issues. I didn’t think that a comment I had made on the Huffington Post in response to another comment would have engendered such a response, but it did. I found it to be very illustrative of many of the things that I have discussed here on  But I also thought that by examining what was being said by this person, I could use it as a learning tool. I could see from our ‘dialogue’ that there was no point in trying to have a logical discussion of our points because this person basically had her mind made up.
I can understand how someone could, and would, believe the medical authorities. They’re the authorities! They are the ones that have all of the institutions, the schools, the degrees, the fellowships, the publications, the experts, and associated things. They are the ones that spend and/or expend the resources of time and money to study things like cancer, and they report their findings to us. They are people, and they and their family members suffer & die from cancer, just like everybody else does. So who in their right mind would question their dedication, their work, their never-ending quest to beat cancer?

Alternative Cancer Treatment Chemotherapy Method

This video covers another anecdotal report from a man (Alan McNutt) who was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2000.  According to his reports, he started off going to conventional doctors who performed surgery to remove tumors from his thyroid.  But the tumors came back.  The surgeon who performed the lumpectomy basically told him to go see somebody else when he found out that the tumors returned. He abandoned his patient.  This is totally unacceptable.  It indicates to me that this physician is not dedicated to helping his patients. He isn’t ambitious enough to continue to seek to help his patient, not willing to search anywhere and everywhere for a solution to his patient’s health condition.  Very disturbing to consider that people who have (allegedly) dedicated their lives to helping patients are not dedicated enough to find a cure.

Story of Another Alternative Cancer Treatment Suppressed

This isn’t a brand new story, but it is typical of what happens to alternative cancer treatment practitioners.  As you will see, it doesn’t matter whether or not they are licensed physicians or dentists, or whether or not the treatment actually works.  The critical factor is whether or not the treatment is profitable to Big Pharma and the related interests.  The bottom line is that if the treatment would undermine big corporate profits, it is certain to be scrapped and flushed down the ‘memory hole’.
This is about a treatment method that was actually designed by a Dr. William Kelley, a dentist who operated out of Texas.  He used a nutritional approach to fight cancer, and cured himself of what the medical establishment calls terminal Stage 4 pancreatic cancer.  His treatment method uses three main strategies to restore the body to health.  They are nutritional support, detoxification and supplementation with pancreatic enzymes.  These are probably things that would help out someone who was normal, and would not harm anyone in the way that conventional cancer treatments hurt patients.

Alternative Cancer Treatment Testimonial-5

This is a alternative cancer treatment testimonial by Marilyn & Glenn of Brisbane and Coffs Harbour in Australia.  I think that this contains some very valuable information for cancer patients and their caregivers. Each video is about 8 minutes long.

Glenn was diagnosed with esophageal cancer after experiencing reflux symptoms.  Upon examination, he was found to have a 2cm diameter tumor.  He was treated with chemotherapy and radiation.  He had about 5 days of chemotherapy, and 15 days of radiation.  This was not to cure the cancer, but to hit it hard so as to give the surgeons a better chance of removing all of the tumor.  They had planned to remove his esophagus.  Fortunately for them, the surgeons were booked solid, so the surgery was scheduled 6 weeks after the radiation treatments.

Alternative Cancer Treatment Testimonial-4

This testimonial is by Dorothy from Melbourne, Australia.  She is 64 years old at the time of the video.  She was a stay-at-home mother.

Dorothy was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in December of 2002.  She underwent surgery in January of 2003 to remove her ovarian tumor and about one half of her colon because the tumor had metastasized.  She was left having to use a colostomy bag afterward. She underwent chemotherapy from February to May of 2003.  During this time, she learned about a physician with an MD and was also a naturopath.

Alternative Cancer Treatment Testimonial-3

This is a testimonial for alternative cancer treatments from an Australian named Paul.  He is 66 years old at the time of the video, and worked as an architect before he was not able to pursue his career anymore.

Paul was diagnosed with a non-Hodgkins lymphoma around 1997.  He said that it was a small cell, low grade, slow-growing type of cancer.  His physicians told him that his cancer would not respond to any forms of radiation or chemotherapy.  This meant that Paul had no choice but to pursue alternative cancer treatment methods.  He reports that he is happy that he did not do any traditional cancer treatment methods (i.e., chemotherapy, radiation or surgery).

Alternative Cancer Treatment Testimonial-2

This is another cancer patient, Chris of Adelaide, Australia.  He basically give his own testimonial.

In short, Chris was experiencing constipation, blood in his stools and piles (hemorrhoids).  He went to physicians and was diagnosed with Stage 4 rectal cancer.  He said that he was not in much pain at that time. The tumor was fairly large, at 13-16 cm.

Alternative Cancer Treatment Testimonial-1

Physicians had no answers to this man’s cancer problem, but he found effective actions in spite of this.

It just goes to show you that just because the ‘experts’ may be dumbfounded, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t an answer to your questions and solutions to your health problems.
But you must be aware that this is what is termed an ‘anecdotal’ report, and isn’t scientifically valid.  By that same token, there is something here that is worthy of study because of the positive result that Brad received by doing what he did.  The scientific standard for a study is called the randomized, double-blind study. Neither the experimental subjects or the researchers know who is in the control group (the group that receives no treatment or a placebo) and the experimental group (the group that receives the treatment under investigation).

Hyperthermia as an Alternative Cancer Treatment

Hyperthermia is really not a totally alternative cancer treatment, but it may have value as a treatment.  It appears to enhance the effectiveness of conventional cancer treatments without adding any toxicity or side effects.  I think that it may be of value to the cancer patient that still wants to use chemotherapy and/or radiation treatments.

Hyperthermia can be used by itself, but is usually applied in conjunction with chemotherapy and/or radiation.  This treatment can damage or kill cancer cells by itself, but is usually more effective when used with other treatments.  This treatment may be somewhat related to IPT (Insulin Potentiation Therapy) as well.
Another advantage of this method is that it is relatively inexpensive.  It is also not toxic.  One apparatus that is used to apply the heat is called the BSG 2000, which is manufactured by the BSG Medical Corporation.

Alternative Cancer Treatment Testimonial from Tijuana Clinic

This man was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2004.  He was given only 1-1.5 years to live. He first chose to go with chemotherapy.  It made him so sick that he did not want to do it again.  He tells his story below.

In short, he became very sick from the chemotherapy and declined to undergo further treatments.  He had a lot of kidney stones subsequent to these conventional cancer treatments.  Upon the advice of family and close friends, he decided to go down to Tijuana, Mexico to a hospital called the International Bio Care Hospital and Medical Center for further cancer treatment.