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Big Pharma Hides Unfavorable Clinical Trial Data

A study in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) just found that drug research, even clinical trials that are sponsored by the federal government, is regularly suppressed. Researchers found that less than 50% of all NIH-funded research studies were published within two and a half years of the completion of the study. Incredibly, 33% of these studies were still not published after 4 years. The reason appears to be that the pharmaceutical companies did not like the data.
One example given in the study was the case with Avandia, a drug that was actually approved by the FDA. It was found in 2007 that it caused an increase in heart attacks and cardiovascular disease related deaths. GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), the drug manufacturer, knew about the increased hazards associated with Avandia before the drug was even approved by FDA!

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Popular Diabetes Drug May Cause Bladder Cancer

A widely prescribed drug for diabetes, called pioglitazone (marketed as Actos in the United States), is now being investigated by the FDA because it may increase the risk of bladder cancer.  It is already known to increase the risk of liver damage in patients who take it.  It is also known to cause heart failure in some patients.  In spite of all of these possible side effects, the drug is still one of the most prescribed drugs for diabetes because it is only about half as likely to cause heart attacks as its most significant competitor, Avandia.
Amazingly, the FDA has recently prohibited the prescription of Avandia, unless it is being used as a last resort drug where all other diabetes drugs have failed.

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