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Magnesium Use for Optimum Health

Dr. Luiz Moura speaks on magnesium and dosages that are useful for some health issues.  This is very good information for people trying to maximize health. This video is approximately six minutes.

You can make your own magnesium chloride solution by adding 20 grams (approximately 2 tablespoons) to one liter of water.  For use as a preventative for people with no pressing health issues, take one small cup (about the size of an espresso cup) per day.  If you have health problems, such as osteoporosis or arthritis, you may want to try taking two small cups per day of magnesium chloride, and it should get rid of the calcifications.  For calcium oxalate kidney stones, Dr. Moura usually recommends up to 3 cups per day, and it should get rid of the stones.

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