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Genetically Modified Foods Revisited

I had done a previous article on GM crops, and decided to do another, more in-depth review of this subject. Originally, I was going to cover possible links between genetically modified foods and cancer. But in the process of reviewing a PowerPoint presentation based on the award-winning movie, Seeds of Deception by GMO activist Jeffrey Smith, I was totally floored by the extent of the danger of genetically modified food elements. It is a literal Pandora’s Box of danger. Preliminary studies have linked GMO foods with cancer, degenerative diseases, birth defects, sterility, and other health conditions.
This is a video presentation given by Jeffrey Smith. It is entitled Don’t Put That in Your Mouth. It is a great video on the dangers of GM food. It is a little over an hour long, and is very informative. You really need to watch it.

Despite danger and warnings at every corner, GM crops have been foisted upon the world, especially in America.

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