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Involuntary Human Experimentation

You may wonder what this has to do with cancer.  But there is a connection because the same profession that is supposed to be saving people has also been caught NUMEROUS times in using unwitting people in diabolical experiments and torture.  All in the name of advancing science.  If you just happen to be one of the unfortunate experimental subjects, too bad.
There is an entire laundry list of the punishments that have been meted out by advanced scientists, of which the vast majority of subjects were not fully informed of the subject under study, or were actually forced to participate.  People were given LSD and other psychotropic drugs, exposed to mustard gas and other chemical warfare agents, live vivisection without anesthesia, given STDs, injected with plutonium and uranium, exposed to radioactive fallout, injected with Agent Orange, and so on.

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Big Pharma Research-Marketing Dressed Up as Science

There are various people who describe the extent to which Big Pharma has infested the entire medical research process, as well as the regulatory function.  It has devolved into a big circus where the ringmasters and workers all share in the profits, all at the expense of the audience and the joke is on the unwitting patients who actually think that they are being given the most advanced, benevolent, modern medical care available.  This is obviously not the case.

Before 1980, most drug research was performed by university professors.  After 1991, the drug studies were starting to be performed by Big Pharma companies.  It was either performed by their employed scientists, or was funded by pharmaceutical companies.  There is one glaring problem with this arrangement.  This put the entire research process under the control of Big Pharma companies that stood to gain from releasing their drugs on schedule, and with no obstacles such as pesky toxicity and bad side effects.

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Is It Possible to Find a Cure For Cancer?

This could be considered to be a rhetorical question.  But it also is a very legitimate question as well.  This is because since Nixon declared the War on Cancer in 1972, many billions of dollars have been spent on seeking a cure for cancer.  At least that is what the medical researchers have been telling us.  But there has not been any meaningful progress in finding an effective treatment or cure for cancer.  Despite the incessant pronouncements in the mass media that have been telling us for over 50 years that a cure is ‘just around the corner’, the vast majority of people that are diagnosed with cancer do not survive for long.
The conventional cancer treatments, chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, are all toxic and very detrimental to normal bodily processes.  The Medical Establishment is dedicated to these treatments, and categorically dismiss any other method of treatment.  The allopathic industry embrace these conventional treatments with a fanatical fervor, and anyone who questions this or works to promote any other treatment or approach to cancer treatment is treated as a heretic, an unbeliever, someone who is only worthy of scorn and ridicule.  It is very similar to the Spanish Inquisition.
G. Edward Griffin discusses some of these, and related issues.  The main point about the story is that the powerful cartels that profit from the status quo in medicine & cancer are not about to let true cures ruin their multi-billion dollar industry.  The medical research, training, education and curriculum is tightly controlled by these interests.  If you do not understand these facts and how they interrelate, you will not understand why there is no cure for cancer.  If we have spent many billions of dollars on research and it hasn’t produced a cure for cancer yet, it is highly probable that there will never be a cure for cancer found as long as this paradigm is the dominant one.  Unfortunately, the average person has been so indoctrinated into a belief structure that justifies this that they can not entertain any other explanation for this outside of the one that they have already been given.  This video is on the long side, approximately 75 minutes long, but it contains some very important information for the person who is not afraid to step outside of her indoctrination.

So to answer the question, I strongly believe that various people have already found effective, non-toxic treatments for cancer.  Unfortunately, the Medical Establishment has fervently suppressed these discoveries because they threaten the profits of powerful cartels and the people that thrive from the status quo.  It is not necessary for it to be a huge conspiracy, but only for the majority of key people at the top of the major organizations to be involved.  Most medical professionals that turn against the system are fervently persecuted and ostracized from practicing medicine or research.  It is an extremely effective strategy for coercing compliance from medical professionals.  Ponder these issues deeply.

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