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Prostate Cancer Screening Doesn’t Work

The British Medical Journal, one of the most prestigious and recognized medical journals in the world, released a 20-year longitudinal study to assess the value of prostate cancer screening.  To make a long story short, the result of the study was the finding that the rate of death from prostate cancer was virtually identical for

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Useful Idiots in Medicine and Cancer Research

I just read a very good article that speaks about ‘useful idiots’, and I think that is is very relevant to what is happening in the medical field.  It is also a microcosm of what has been happening in all of society, and in all major institutions in society.  I don’t have the time here

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Big Pharma-Profit is Job #1

This is the third installment of this video series on Big Pharma and how it operates.  The bottom line is that Big Pharma’s biggest priority is to make money, and everything else is secondary.  This video series is an illustration of this.  Cancer patients need to understand these facts before agreeing to any treatments that

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