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Avastin May Lose FDA Approval as a Breast Cancer Treatment

Although this is an orthodox chemotherapy treatment, it is substantial news, and I decided to speak about it nevertheless because of the high scrutiny under which Avastin (bevacizumab) has been subjected.  This substance already has approval for a variety of cancers, such as colon, brain, kidney, and lung cancers. Bevacizumab (Avastin) works by blocking angiogenesis

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FDA Now Attacking IV Vitamin C

Just when you thought they were sleeping, now the FDA is reported to be prohibiting small pharmacies from manufacturing or distributing injectable vitamin C.  This is regardless of the fact that vitamin C is a powerful healing substance that is great for a lot of health conditions. It is well known in natural health circles

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Jimmy Keller and Cancer Cures

This is another man who has worked to treat and cure cancer. He tells a bit about his story and what he has done. This man was diagnosed with cancer, and had cancer surgery to remove tumors from his ear and other structures that were near it (i.e., lymph nodes, neck muscles, etc.).  He was

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