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Why are Big Pharma Companies Failing?

There’s a relatively recent article that I came across that deals with the trouble that pharmaceutical companies are having.  They are having major problems due to a number of factors.  The former pharmaceutical researcher (Johnathan Bloom, Ph.D.) that wrote this article speaks about the obvious factors that are negatively affecting the pharmaceutical industry.
He covers the phenomenon  of the large number of big money drug patents that are going to expire shortly. Just from expiring patents, he estimates that the Big Pharma industry will lose about $50 billion.
He also speaks on U.S. patent law, which allows a company to have exclusive rights to profits from the drugs that they produce. After taking in to consideration related issues, the effective length of the profit period is about 8 years. After that, generics are produced and the sales of the brand name drug plummet. In fact, he says that most drugs never reach a breakeven, since most of them take about a billion to develop.  In this type of pharmaceutical environment, the blockbuster multi-billion dollar profit drug is a critical element in the pharmaceutical drug paradigm.

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Is Baking Soda an Effective Cancer Treatment?

There is a lot of controversy about the findings of a Dr Tullio Simoncini regarding the use of sodium bicarbonate for cancer therapy.  He says that based on his study and experience, cancer is a fungus, candida albicans to be exact.  He also claims that he has been having great success in the treatment of solid tumors with the use of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda).  But mainstream medical authorities like the American Cancer Society have been negative about these developments.
The American Cancer Society web site on sodium bicarbonate is precisely worded.  They never actually come out and say that baking soda does not work on cancer.  They make a bunch of leading statements about the topic.  They basically say that available scientific evidence does not support claims that cancer is caused by yeasts or molds, that sodium bicarbonate treats cancer, and that these claims are not supported by clinical or scientific evidence.

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Big Pharma Research-Marketing Dressed Up as Science

There are various people who describe the extent to which Big Pharma has infested the entire medical research process, as well as the regulatory function.  It has devolved into a big circus where the ringmasters and workers all share in the profits, all at the expense of the audience and the joke is on the unwitting patients who actually think that they are being given the most advanced, benevolent, modern medical care available.  This is obviously not the case.

Before 1980, most drug research was performed by university professors.  After 1991, the drug studies were starting to be performed by Big Pharma companies.  It was either performed by their employed scientists, or was funded by pharmaceutical companies.  There is one glaring problem with this arrangement.  This put the entire research process under the control of Big Pharma companies that stood to gain from releasing their drugs on schedule, and with no obstacles such as pesky toxicity and bad side effects.

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Big Pharma is for Profits

It is not a bad thing to be run a business for profit.  Unfortunately, there can be a conflict between financial interests and what is best for the patient.  Given the present corporate paradigm where profits are the first, highest priority, this can have disastrous ramifications for medical policy.  A goal of more profit may motivate Big Pharma companies to sell expensive drugs to patients even though they may not be radically different from older, cheaper drugs.
Doctors are often willing victims of Big Pharma.  Their medical educations are heavily influenced by pharmaceutical companies.  It is to the point now where there are incredibly large numbers of prescriptions written by physicians. 

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Big Pharma Spends Money to Influence Physicians’ Prescription Choices

Big Pharma spends large amounts of money to influence physicians’ prescriptions.  These pharmaceutical companies are profit machines, and that is their highest priority.  They work to maximize profits, and that involves selling as many prescription drugs as possible.  It is an insane, persistent push to maximize sales.  It doesn’t matter if patients are over-medicated.  It doesn’t matter if people die as a result of being given these medications because they can harm people.

Patients are recommended to do their own research on the drugs that they take.  They need to protect themselves from possible over-medication.  Even though we have been conditioned to look for the ‘quick fix’, we need to be more reasoning.

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Big Pharma Buries Us in Ads

It is not a secret that Big Pharma inundates us with numerous advertisements for their drugs.  Anyone who watches television can attest to the massive amounts of drug commercials that run.  The reason they run these ads is because they work!

The marketing for Big Pharma drugs used to be focused on the health care practitioners (physicians).  But there has been a shift because today, pharmaceutical companies now spend many billions of dollars on marketing drugs to patients directly through television ads and other media.

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How Not to Treat Cancer

I couldn’t contain myself after going to a blog that discusses cancer treatments. They were essentially talking negatively about homeopathic treatments for cancer in this blog post.  I found it interesting.  I am not sure about the effectiveness of homeopathy treatments for any disease.  Personally, I haven’t seen or found any evidence for the effectiveness of homeopathy.  It seemed to me to be an easy target for derision.  I noticed that they didn’t choose to discuss any more efficacious treatments, such as Laetrile/B-17, Hoxsey’s formula, Essiac, etc.
So I went ahead and posted my own comments on the topic.  I think it was a board that will probably be adverse to my comments and views, but I went ahead and posted it anyway.  I’ll just post here what I said and let you check it out:

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Cancer Lies and the Medical Establishment

This is another hard hitting video in the installment that reveals a lot of the lies, misconceptions and truth about the Cancer Industry and how the Medical Establishment works to maximize profits at the expense of helpless, misled, confused cancer patients.  This is not pretty, but it is the absolute truth.  Most physicians can’t speak out about this for the very high risk that they may lose their medical license to practice.  This video is a short 10 minutes, but it is crammed full of the essence of the problem with the conventional cancer treatment paradigm, and the reason why things have been this way for over 50 years.

In short, chemotherapy is derived from chemical warfare agents (specifically, the one called mustine). This is why most chemotherapeutic drugs are cytotoxic (kill cells).  They work by disrupting cellular division and DNA metabolism.  This is highly toxic, but is especially dangerous to fast-growing cells of the body, and not just cancer cells.  Cancer researchers can secure great profits, status, acclaim, grants and awards, jobs, papers and publications without succeeding in treating or curing cancer.

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Cancer Research and the Cancer Industry

Brace yourself for a hard-hitting video that pulls no punches about the current state of cancer research and the cancer industry.  This is some great information that all cancer patients should be aware of, especially if you are considering utilizing conventional cancer treatments.  The cancer industry is huge, and generates in excess of approximately $200 billion per year worldwide.

In summary, the War on Cancer which was started by Nixon in 1972, is an utter failure.  We are constantly fed spin about how a cure for cancer is ‘just around the corner’.  This has been the war cry of the cancer establishment and the Medical Establishment for the last 50-100 years!  But not only is there no cure, but the expenses for cancer treatment have skyrocketed.  In fact, more people are dying of cancer, and people are getting cancer at increasingly younger ages.

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Most Pharmaceutical Drugs are Worse Than Useless

A new study performed by a sociologist named Donald Light has found strong evidence that the pharmaceutical industry is a “market for lemons” where the sellers are much more informed than the end customers.  They profit from selling products (drugs) that are less effective and more harmful than patients are led to believe.  This startling study is going to be presented at the 105th Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association.The study is titled Pharmaceuticals: A Two-Tier Market for Producing ‘Lemons’ and Serious Harm.
The fact is that pharmaceutical companies often conceal and/or downplay the serious side effects of their drugs and exaggerate their benefits.
Dr. Light is a professor of comparative health policy at the University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey.  In addition to this, these companies spend anywhere from two to three times more funds on the marketing of these drugs than they do on the research so that they can get physicians to prescribe these drugs, and so that patients will actually request these drugs from their physicians.
It gets even worse when you consider that these same pharmaceutical corporations are actually in charge of the testing of their own new drugs.  This gives them the opportunity to conceal information that may indicate that their drugs are not as safe or efficacious as they claim.  The shocker is that independent reviewers found that approximately 85% of new drugs offer few, if any new benefits.  But the toxic side effects or misuse of prescription drugs have been shown to be a major cause of death in the United States.  This analysis was based on analysis from independent researchers, sources and studies that include the Canadian Patented Medicine Prices Review Board, Prescrire International and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  The basis of the paper is the work that Dr. Light performed for his book, The Risk of Prescription Drugs, which is scheduled for release this fall by the Columbia University Press.
Light identifies a phenomenon he calls the Risk Proliferation Syndrome that he claims is increasing the number of patients who are given new drugs that have relatively low effectiveness and use, but yet have higher risks of causing harmful side effects.  The pharmaceutical corporations then craft studies that are designed basically slant them so that the benefits appear to be high, and the side effects appear to be lower than they really are.  They also are known to recruit leading researchers to try the drug for off-label or unapproved uses in order to expand their markets.  Physicians often become proselytizers for these companies since they profit from the sale of the drugs, but are also supposed to be the fiduciaries of their patients’ health and safety.  Many times, when patients complain of adverse side effects, studies show that physicians are likely to discount or dismiss them, according to Dr. Light.
This information is a huge ‘red flag’ for people, especially cancer patients, as well as all patients who are treated by the Medical Establishment and the medical industry.  There are too many conflicts of interest and ancillary motivations at work for the average patient to be oblivious to these hidden realities of the medical profession.  This is a strong signal to patients to caveat emptor (let the buyer beware).  It is better to be aware, awake and informed than to blindly trust your health care professional.
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