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Big Pharma Research-Marketing Dressed Up as Science

There are various people who describe the extent to which Big Pharma has infested the entire medical research process, as well as the regulatory function.  It has devolved into a big circus where the ringmasters and workers all share in the profits, all at the expense of the audience and the joke is on the unwitting patients who actually think that they are being given the most advanced, benevolent, modern medical care available.  This is obviously not the case.

Before 1980, most drug research was performed by university professors.  After 1991, the drug studies were starting to be performed by Big Pharma companies.  It was either performed by their employed scientists, or was funded by pharmaceutical companies.  There is one glaring problem with this arrangement.  This put the entire research process under the control of Big Pharma companies that stood to gain from releasing their drugs on schedule, and with no obstacles such as pesky toxicity and bad side effects.

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Big Pharma Buries Us in Ads

It is not a secret that Big Pharma inundates us with numerous advertisements for their drugs.  Anyone who watches television can attest to the massive amounts of drug commercials that run.  The reason they run these ads is because they work!

The marketing for Big Pharma drugs used to be focused on the health care practitioners (physicians).  But there has been a shift because today, pharmaceutical companies now spend many billions of dollars on marketing drugs to patients directly through television ads and other media.

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