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Fraud, Embezzlement, and Government Betrayal at the CDC

The next time somebody tells you how ‘high and mighty’ ‘science’ is, you can think about this report on some of the shenanigans so-called ‘scientists’ have been perpetrating.
I’m not saying that ALL of them operate like this, but the major take-away from this is that you can’t just go around blindly believing what experts and researchers say just because they say that it’s ‘science,’ or you’re leaving yourself vulnerable to falsehoods under the guise of truth.
It’s time for people to start using their thinking and reasoning faculties more because at this point there are a lot of profiteering and cronyism going on in science and research, as well as other fields of endeavor. But here we focus on health and how profits can have more impact on your health and treatments than truth.
Many times, scientific conclusions are reached based on political and economic factors more so than on the efficacy of the treatment. That’s how we can have poisons and toxins being used as medicines when there are safer, cheaper, more effective options. The more effective, safer, cheaper options are not profitable for Big Pharma, and they are not under Big Pharma control. So they are not marketed or promoted. Marketing and promotions is literally selling things for a profit. If there’s no profit in cheap cures, they will not be made known to the public. That’s simple business practice.
Just because someone is a scientist or physician doesn’t mean that they have the power to override entrenched financial interests that manipulate the regulation, funding and dissemination of research findings and treatment standards, nor that they necessarily want to. And it also doesn’t mean that patients will receive the best treatments. Unfortunately, patients usually receive the most profitable treatments for Big Pharma.
Big Pharma is highly interested in keeping most people taking vaccines because they make big money on them. But most people don’t know that vaccines also insure that people will be sicker over the long term so that it keeps people paying customers to the Medical Industry. This means that vaccines help raise long term profits for the Medical Establishment.
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Statistics don’t lie, but statisticians certainly can. In his book, “Master Manipulator: The Explosive True Story of Fraud, Embezzlement, and Government Betrayal at the CDC,” investigative journalist James Grundvig exposes what really goes on at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
In it, he reveals how the agency has engaged in massive fraud, misinformation and manipulation of vaccine information. What made Grundvig write such a book?
“A couple of reasons,” he says. “One is I have an autistic son who’s 16 years old now. He’s one of the 5,000 cases kicked out of vaccine court [for] thimerosal poisoning.
Number two, I’m first generation Norwegian-American. Poul Thorsen, the main manipulator — but not the only one — is of Danish descent. I was introduced to an alliance [that asked me] to track down Thorsen over in Denmark, a culture and country I know very well.”
Danish Scientist Charged in Vaccine Research Scam
Thorsen is a major player and an essential character in this real-life drama. In 2011, he was charged with 13 counts of wire fraud and nine counts of money laundering. A federal grand jury alleged Thorsen stole over $1 million from autism research funding between February 2004 and June 2008.
He stole the money while serving as the principal investigator for a program studying the relationship between autism and exposure to vaccines. At the time, The Copenhagen Post reported that:1
“… [Thorsen] submitted over a dozen false invoices from the CDC for research expenses to Aarhus University … instructing them to transfer the funds to a CDC account, which was in fact his personal account …
Thorsen’s research on autism is widely known in academic circles, where he was until this week a highly respected figure. A paper of his on the subject, which is known as ‘The Danish Study,’ is quoted extensively to refute the autism vaccine connection.”
As of 2014, Thorsen was permanently expelled from Denmark’s university hospital system. Thorsen has been a fugitive for the past five years. Yet his whereabouts are no secret. As noted by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. in a 2015 Forbes article:2
“The fact that he is roaming free and is easy to find, despite the U.S. Federal indictment … suggests a lack of enthusiasm by HHS and CDC to press for his capture and extradition.
The agency undoubtedly fears that a public trial would expose the pervasive corruption throughout CDC’s vaccine division and the fragility of the science supporting CDC’s claims about thimerosal safety.”
The Master Manipulator
Thorsen’s spectacular demise was likely the result of an inside tip to Aarhus University. But was he really the sole person responsible for the creation of these manipulated studies? According to Grundvig’s investigation, the CDC appears to have had a clear hand in the deception.
In 1999, Thorsen — who had earned his Ph.D. in Denmark the year before — was invited to the CDC in Atlanta as a foreign visiting scientist. He arrived at a time when there was a lot of discussion between vaccine makers and the CDC to remove thimerosal from vaccines.
Thorsen ended up being hired full-time to conduct five studies on Danish people, as the Danes had a preexisting database covering the entire population.
In the U.S., no federal health authority was collecting this kind of comprehensive vaccination and health data. “That was the beginning of five corrupt Danish studies that were done: four on thimerosal; one on MMR,” Grundvig says.
The Link Between Thimerosal and Autism
To this day, most doctors will tell you the science is settled and there’s no link between vaccines and autism. In reality, the science is FAR from settled. In 2000, two secret meetings took place. The first one, in May, took place in Puerto Rico. This meeting covered aluminum adjuvants in vaccines. The second meeting took place in Simpsonwood5 three weeks later.
“In those meetings, they talked about how they all realized — the scientists within those meetings, from the CDC, from college institutions, from Big Pharma vaccine makers — all agreed that thimerosal is a problem, and aluminum is a problem. But they can’t change overnight and lose that kind of money …
These two meetings produced results from foreign scientists, like Dr. Thomas Verstraeten out of Belgium. The CDC realized they had a major problem on their hands with the general public. They found thimerosal … is dangerous to the brain, especially of babies, infants and children.”
The CDC desperately needed to prove there’s no link between vaccines and autism, and Thorsen ended up being the guy hired to produce that evidence. Had the CDC not covered up the truth, we’d probably have an entirely different discussion on vaccines today.
As noted by Grundvig, some of Thorsen’s studies kept getting extended because the CDC simply wasn’t comfortable with the results; even with manipulation, they kept showing an association between the number of vaccines and the rise of autism.
“What’s amazing is Thorsen coming from Denmark. Thimerosal was banned in Denmark in 1991 — fully enacted in 1992. Vaccines today in Denmark have no thimerosal whatsoever. So, you have Thorsen agreeing to do whatever the CDC wanted to, which was manipulate the data, to lose data, to produce results that would favor [thimerosal],” Grundvig says.
CDC Whistleblower Confirms Vaccine-Autism Cover-Up
In his book, Grundvig explains how, were the studies done properly using valid scientific criteria, they would have revealed some incredible insights. For starters, they would have shown that autism is in fact correlated with thimerosal exposure.  Brian Hooker is one of the researchers who has gone back to re-evaluate Thorsen’s studies. In 2017, Danish scientists will again redo the studies, to hopefully settle the matter.
Thorsen was hardly the only manipulator of data at the CDC, however. Dr. William Thompson, a research scientist at the CDC’s National Center for Immunizations and Respiratory Diseases (NCIR), is another. He co-authored four studies refuting a link between the MMR vaccine and autism, as well as thimerosal-containing vaccines and autism.
According to Thompson, one of the studies found that African-American boys who received the MMR vaccine before the age of 36 months had an increased risk for autism.8 He also maintains that other CDC studies have found a relationship between thimerosal and tics, which are associated with autism.9
Clearly, there’s no way for the truth to get out unless we have skilled investigative journalists like Grundvig bringing us the full story. After that, it’s a matter of sharing the information, because you can be sure this information will not appear in The New York Times or on your local news station. It’s suppressed by design.
Thimerosal Is Still a Major Vaccine Ingredient
In the early 2000s there was a major push to remove thimerosal from vaccines, but it never took the form of law. Instead, vaccine makers were encouraged to reduce or eliminate thimerosal in their vaccines on a voluntary basis. Some did so, but according to Grundvig, even vaccines that claim to be thimerosal-free are not entirely devoid of it.
“If you read the labels, it says “thimerosal-depleted” … They remove [thimerosal] in the process. It’s filtered out, but it’s not filtered out 100 percent. There’s still thimerosal in all of the thimerosal-containing vaccines as there were before, just a lot less. However, in the flu vaccine, it’s full bore thimerosal.
It’s the cheapest and fastest way to make it. I don’t think that vaccine makers are interested in changing the 20th century recipe to making vaccines. It’s cheap and fast. That’s all they care about. They do not care about safety. They don’t care about children’s health. With poor children’s health, they are able to take care of children, on the other end … with drugs and treatments and so forth. They continuously make money off every American citizen out there,” Grundvig says.

More Information
If you have an interest in vaccine safety and/or autism, you won’t want to miss out on Grundvig’s book, “Master Manipulator: The Explosive True Story of Fraud, Embezzlement, and Government Betrayal at the CDC.” It clearly reveals why we cannot blindly trust our federal health agencies.
We must educate ourselves and understand the political and financial dynamics that underlie the recommendations coming from these agencies. Failing to do so can quite literally be dangerous to your health. In this case, Grundvig has done a remarkable job of explaining the situation at the CDC that has allowed the claim that thimerosal-containing vaccines have no role in autism.
This is not to say that there are no other factors involved in autism. Evidence suggests Roundup and other glyphosate-containing pesticides may play a role. Ditto for other toxic exposures and electromagnetic field (EMF) exposures. Having an unbalanced gut microbiome also appears to influence the outcome. There are many variables that, when combined, can result in autism. Still, that does not mean we should give vaccines a free pass.
Projections suggest that within the next 25 years, half of all children will be autistic. There is no way a culture can survive with half of the population being in the autistic spectrum. We’re looking at the collapse of society if the rise in autism isn’t stopped or reversed, and that means addressing ALL known factors.
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Signs that Big Pharma is Faking the Search for the Cancer Cure

Despite the endless claims of Big Pharma and the Medical Establishment that they are feverishly searching for the cure for cancer, it hasn’t materialized. And even worse, we’re not significantly closer to any true cures than we were 100 years ago.  All of this despite numerous decades of research and work.  And in spite of billions of dollars donated to cancer charities.
It’s astounding to me that people still give money to any of these cancer charities. At what point do people finally say that enough is enough? After all these years of research, the absolute best treatments they’ve found are basically the exact same poison treatments, chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.  And if you even consider immunotherapy better, understand that it’s just as prohibitively expensive as the other treatments, hovering around $100,000/year for treatment. And they love it because they foresee that people may be able to stay on immunotherapy drugs indefinitely.

If you analyze the situation, you will come to understand that Big Pharma is only interested in treatments that are extremely profitable.  So even if Big Pharma was to find a non-toxic cancer cure (or treatment for any other disease), they would actively work to hide it, discredit it, or suppress it. It would be the only things they could do to protect their profits. And them, along with the Medical Establishment and others that profit from the status quo work to protect their profits. They’re all in it together when it comes to profiting from the cancer merry-go-round.
Worse yet, anybody (insider or outsider) who threatens profits gets summarily dealt with. And the dirty bag of tricks comes into play. Lies, propaganda, fake research, rigged research trials, spiked research, skewing of results to give desired outcomes, and any other way they can insure that chemo, radiation and any other pipe dream profitable cancer ‘treatment’ is the only one that is approved for medical use.
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In fact, any treatment that is cheap and effective will meet with the intense scorn of the Medical Establishment, the cancer industry and Big Pharma. They want profits. Although they may be people, their entire livelihood rests on there NOT being a cure for cancer, especially one that is cheap, readily available, and/or not under Big Pharma control.  They will (and have a long history of) working persistently and ardently to destroy any alternatives to chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and any other expensive, marginally effective treatment that they control.
Some of the tangible signs that Big Pharma and the Medical Establishment are not sincere in their ‘search’ for cancer cures (and cures to other profitable diseases that they treat) are:

They focus intense research on the minutiae of cancer etiology, disease process, and related topics instead of on the big picture.
Even when they do research natural substances, they don’t recommend their use even though they are usually very non-toxic and have a very low downside to their use along with a huge upside if they do happen to work.
Notice that health care professionals aren’t interested in finding out how cancer patients who successfully get better results than what would be expected (i.e., they don’t get side effect from chemo or radiation, or they get much better results in eradicating the cancer/tumors) or in what these patients are doing to get those great results.
Health care professionals (esp. doctors and scientists) feel that they have a patent on truth, and that nobody else can possibly find a cure (or non-toxic, effective treatment) for cancer.
Most people act like there is no politics, corruption, and other intrigue in science, and that the entire scientific and medical profession is beyond reproach, when nothing could be further from the truth.
Scientists & health care professionals do not admit the truth that chemicals, GMOs, vaccinations, diet, etc., have a huge effect on disease incidence.
Businesses (like Big Pharma) are not charitable organizations, and are only concerned about profits, and the hell with the effects on society and individual patients (as they prove by their actions, repeatedly).
If it wasn’t about the money, they’d be researching down any avenue that might yield a cure, regardless of the profitability of the substance, but this isn’t the case.
Nobody in the mainstream medical establishment will admit to or answer for the sordid history of the AMA, Big Pharma and the allopathic approach.
A cheap cure would put the entire cancer industry out of business.
If they admit that a non-establishment person did something that they couldn’t do, it would be a monumental embarrassment to the Medical Establishment, and would prove that they were wasting massive resources on BS research.
They often dismiss treatments with no evidence except their own status and opinion.
They only reference MDs and PhDs that agree with status quo opinions and ideas, and readily dismiss those who don’t. They get labeled as ‘quacks.’
They try to use “standard practice” and the assumption of a consensus to ‘prove’ their case.
Deny many truths that ‘alternative’ healthcare practitioners espouse until it becomes blatantly obvious that they were right all along (i.e., nutrition, smoking, mercury, etc.)
The paradigm with chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery is mechanical instead of systemic and holistic; body viewed as a battlefield instead of an integrated system.
Researchers and health care professionals continue to pursue failed strategies that haven’t shown any promise in decades (i.e., chemotherapy, radiation).
The media, the government, the government regulators, and the other companies are all in on it, and they’re all making huge money off of the Cancer Industry.
They keep barking up the ‘genetic cause for cancer’ tree when it has been amply proven that cancer is NOT a genetically caused disease in over 90% of the cases. But they appear to be hoping to be able to use ‘personalized’ cancer treatments for each patient, which will require expensive testing and customized drug production.

I don’t think most people like these things, including many health care professionals. But it is a reality for most people. I think that we can win if we start being more honest about things and begin to work together. Scientists, doctors and other health care professionals and everybody has a stake in improving the health care system. It may hurt profits to Big Pharma in the short-term to admit the truth, but it will be better in the long run for everybody when we embrace the truth about cancer and most other things. Do your own research and see what you find.
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New way found to combat brain cancer

This appears to be an approach to cancer treatment that is better than standard conventional cancer treatments, but they are still treating the cancer as if it fell from out of the sky.  The allopathic approach, along with similar research approaches that view the body as a machine rather than an integrated intricate system, is why they keep failing to find cheap, abundant, non-toxic treatments for cancer.
From a business standpoint, it would not be profitable for Big Pharma companies to work to find cheap, non-toxic cures for cancer and other diseases.  The bottom line dictates that every patient cured is a profit center lost. It sounds cold and calculating, but that’s just the truth.  And you can’t tell me that the bottom line is not the biggest consideration in medical treatment today. It used to be that the physicians would control health care treatment and delivery, but now the financial ramifications are the biggest determinant in how patients are treated.
Scientists at the University of Toledo Health Science Campus (UT) and Van Andel Research Institute (VARI) have discovered an innovative way that may stop the spread of the most lethal and aggressive brain cancer glioblastoma multiforme (GBM). In laboratory studies, scientists demonstrated that activating a specific family of proteins halted cancer cell migration into healthy tissue.
GBM is the most common brain tumor in adults; in 2010, there were 22,000 cases in the U.S. People with GBM often live fewer than than 15 months following diagnosis because, despite surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, individual cancer cells escape and invade healthy surrounding tissue, making additional treatment attempts increasingly difficult.
“New therapies for GBM are desperately needed,” said UT Assistant Professor Kathryn Eisenmann, Ph.D., corresponding author on the study. “We hope our latest finding will lead to a novel and effective treatment for this extremely aggressive cancer.”
The study, published online Sept. 9 by the American Society of Cell Biology in the journal Molecular Biology of the Cell, expands upon an earlier discovery by VARI Professor Arthur Alberts, Ph.D., of a bioactive peptide called DAD and small molecules called intramimics.
Both DAD and intramimics activate a family of proteins called DIAPHs or mDIA, which are known to play vital roles in GBM spread. Eisenmann’s team, led by first author and M.D./Ph.D. graduate student Jessica Arden, showed that locking DIAPH into an “on” state using DAD, intramimic-01 and intramimic-02 stops GBM cells from invading normal brain tissue.
“Metastatic tumor cells are like any moving vehicle–all of the wheels need to be pointed in the right direction when power is applied,” said Alberts, a senior author on the study. “DIAPHs build the structures that hold and point all the wheels moving cells in the right direction. Dr. Eisenmann’s data suggests that DIAPH activation or ‘agonism’ locks all wheels into arbitrary directions, so no matter how hard you push the pedal down, the tumor cells won’t move.”
Historically, therapies aimed at combating the spread of GBM focused on inhibiting mDIA, a member of the DIAPH family that is integrally involved in cell structure and tumor motility. Earlier work in the the Alberts Laboratory also showed that intramimics could impair tumor growth in colon cancer cells and that they could be a potential therapeutic option for other cancers as well. Little work had been done on molecules that activate mDIA as an anti-GBM therapy, prompting the recent study comparing mDIA activation versus inhibition in GBM.
Alberts and Eisenmann hope to soon evaluate the effectiveness of this new strategy in preclinical models, a crucial step in translating this discovery to the clinic and patients.
“GBM is lethal because it so effectively escapes and evades therapy,” Eisenmann said. “Our hope is this discovery will prove to be an anti-tumor strategy and one that will be safe and effective for patients.”
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Why are Big Pharma Companies Failing?

There’s a relatively recent article that I came across that deals with the trouble that pharmaceutical companies are having.  They are having major problems due to a number of factors.  The former pharmaceutical researcher (Johnathan Bloom, Ph.D.) that wrote this article speaks about the obvious factors that are negatively affecting the pharmaceutical industry.
He covers the phenomenon  of the large number of big money drug patents that are going to expire shortly. Just from expiring patents, he estimates that the Big Pharma industry will lose about $50 billion.
He also speaks on U.S. patent law, which allows a company to have exclusive rights to profits from the drugs that they produce. After taking in to consideration related issues, the effective length of the profit period is about 8 years. After that, generics are produced and the sales of the brand name drug plummet. In fact, he says that most drugs never reach a breakeven, since most of them take about a billion to develop.  In this type of pharmaceutical environment, the blockbuster multi-billion dollar profit drug is a critical element in the pharmaceutical drug paradigm.

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Toxic Chemicals an Overlooked Cause of Cancer

Although there is a lot of research done on genetic causes of cancer, as well as the identification of risk factors, these do not really identify a solid cause of cancer.  The risk factors for cancer given by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) name a lot of things that are correlated with increased rates of cancer.  But they also say that the majority of people with risk factors are not ever diagnosed with cancer.  So this makes the value of risk factors dubious, at best.
Otto Warburg, a prolific researcher and Nobel Laureate, found that low oxygen levels in cells cause them to become cancerous.  He also discovered that while normal cells function from aerobic (air loving) respiration, cancer cells generate energy from anaerobic respiration.  Some think that cancer is a survival mechanism that allows cells to live in a low oxygen environment.

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Story of Another Alternative Cancer Treatment Suppressed

This isn’t a brand new story, but it is typical of what happens to alternative cancer treatment practitioners.  As you will see, it doesn’t matter whether or not they are licensed physicians or dentists, or whether or not the treatment actually works.  The critical factor is whether or not the treatment is profitable to Big Pharma and the related interests.  The bottom line is that if the treatment would undermine big corporate profits, it is certain to be scrapped and flushed down the ‘memory hole’.
This is about a treatment method that was actually designed by a Dr. William Kelley, a dentist who operated out of Texas.  He used a nutritional approach to fight cancer, and cured himself of what the medical establishment calls terminal Stage 4 pancreatic cancer.  His treatment method uses three main strategies to restore the body to health.  They are nutritional support, detoxification and supplementation with pancreatic enzymes.  These are probably things that would help out someone who was normal, and would not harm anyone in the way that conventional cancer treatments hurt patients.

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Why Do People Meekly Accept the Repeated Failures of the Cancer Industry?

I had to ask myself this question after reading a blog entry entitled The Cancer Cure THEY Don’t Want You to Know About, by a writer called Healthseeker. He spoke about apricot kernels and a substance called Xanthohumol as effective, non-toxic treatments for cancer.  He actually described cancer as the result of a deficiency of vitamin B-17 (also known as amygdalin, closely related to Laetrile).  Xanthohumol is an antioxidant that is derived from hops.  I don’t know much about it.
Although the article was not the best, I thought that the author gave someone enough information to stimulate readers to do some research to verify what he said.  I must admit that there were no references, no links, no substantiation of anything the author said in the article.  But that was not what really surprised me.

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Transdermal Magnesium Therapy-2

Dr. Sircus speaks on the relatively unknown benefits of transdermal magnesium supplementation. It is virtually unknown to most people. This is the second part of his interview that was conducted by Adam Abraham. This segment is approximately 15 minutes.

Dr Sircus reveals that even small amounts of magnesium applied transdermally can be effective.  It is relatively easy to get the RDA requirement of magnesium from transdermal magnesium supplementation.  He goes on to give a testimonial (anecdotal) of a pediatrician who was suffering from diabetes.  He also had neuropathy that caused nerve damage in his feet.  This pediatrician then started supplementing with mega doses of magnesium, around 20 grams per day.  This amounts to approximately 40-50 times the RDA amount.  It is reported that he regenerated the nerves in his feet. It wasn’t clear whether or not he cured himself of the diabetes.

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Transdermal Magnesium Therapy-Part 1

Dr. Mark Sircus is interviewed by Adam Abraham about the benefits of using transdermal magnesium oil.  It is almost in the class of miracle cures for many diseases.

Dr Sircus says that in his research, he found that magnesium is one of the best detoxification methods available.  This is of critical importance to people, especially those who are having problems with chronic diseases like cancer, heart disease and autoimmune disorders.  Remember that we are living in a virtual sea of toxic chemicals and substances.
Magnesium is one of the most important minerals to man’s health, and may be almost as important as air!  It is essential to cell physiology, playing a role in over 325 enzymatic processes, cell wall integrity, performance of the blood-brain barrier, cellular energy production, etc.  It is the principal nutrient used in the body.

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Is Cancer a Man Made Disease?

Researchers at the University of Manchester think that cancer may be a man made disease.  They base this opinion on their study of Egyptian mummies.  They reported that they only found cancer in a very small portion of the hundreds of mummies that were examined.
This may be a study that borders on the simplistic, but there may be an important truth discovered here.  But the researchers did histological studies of the mummies, and also did literary research to see if there was evidence of high rates of cancer.  They found that cancer was very uncommon in animals, non-human primates and early human remains.  It was also rare in fossils.  They also found that even when they found tumors, the vast majority of them were benign.  And when they found malignant tumors, the few that were found were in non-human primates.

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