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The Cure for Cancer – An Excellent Video

Just watched an excellent video on cancer. The movie basically tells us that cancer is curable, right now. The problem isn’t that cancer is so complex or beyond our comprehension.  The biggest problem is that curing incurable diseases makes established mainstream health practitioners angry!
Cancer is Curable Now, view it here:

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FDA Now Attacking IV Vitamin C

Just when you thought they were sleeping, now the FDA is reported to be prohibiting small pharmacies from manufacturing or distributing injectable vitamin C.  This is regardless of the fact that vitamin C is a powerful healing substance that is great for a lot of health conditions.
It is well known in natural health circles that IV vitamin C could almost be termed a ‘miracle cure’ for a wide variety of conditions, especially infections and similar diseases.  I have covered some of these conditions in previous writings.  But for those who don’t know, it is common knowledge that conventional drugs don’t cure viral diseases such as mononucleosis, hepatitis, influenza, shingles, herpes, etc.  In addition to this, there are more and more bacteria that are becoming resistant to antibiotics.

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Cancer, Degenerative Diseases and Vitamin C

I found a great videos on Vitamin C.  This is a speech given by a Dr. Thomas Levy, a cardiologist and attorney.  This is information that everyone needs to see because it is extremely valuable.  Yes, there are honest physicians out there, but you’re not going to see them on CNN, ABC News, or any other mainstream media program because the big corporations make too much money off of uninformed people that trust them. And if you do see them, they’re usually being severely attacked or ridiculed.  This video is similar to the video series I originally posted, but those videos are no longer available. This one is 1 hour and 25 minutes long. The summary below highlights some points from the original video series, but this one covers some different things. This video is still excellent though!

Vitamin C is an amazing substance.  Dr. Levy found that it has a very beneficial effect on virtually all diseases.  In this video series, he focused on heart disease, infectious diseases and cancer.
He found that the basis of all disease is electron flow.  In short, when you have a high flow of electrons in the body, you have good health.  If you have a low flow or no flow of electrons, this causes disease and ultimately, death.  Substances that supply the body with electrons are nutrients.  Substances that deplete the body of electrons are toxins.  Dr. Levy says that most toxic and/or diseased states can be readily treated with the principles from this paradigm.
Researchers have found that virtually all toxicity and diseases are caused by the bad effects through pro-oxidant mechanisms.  This is science-speak for free radical damage.  The greater the ‘electron robbery’, the more severe the disease and/or symptoms.  All substances are either pro-oxidants or antioxidants.  Pro-oxidants are toxins, and antioxidants are substances that neutralize toxins.  ALL toxins consume antioxidants.
Vitamin C is said to reliably neutralize any toxin as long as there is enough of it present, and if it can reach the areas where the toxins are located.  Another issue is bio-availability.  Although intravenous vitamin C is highly effective, there is another form that is even more effective than it.  This form is called Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C.
One of the most revealing revelations is that dental toxicity plays a major role in chronic disease.  Dr. Levy found that root canal treated teeth are extremely toxic and that they are highly correlated with cancer and heart disease!  He called the root canal the king of toxins.  But other highly bad things are cavitations, peridontal disease (gingivitis and related diseases), toxic fillings, biologically incompatible dental materials and implants.  And do not get happy and think that you can take a few pills and eradicate your disease.  Typically, root canal and other dental toxicity issues can not be overcome with vigorous nutritional supplementation.  The only way to fix the problem is to get the root canal teeth removed and/or cleaned up.
Dr. Levy reported that cancer is actually a prototype disease of antioxidant store depletion.  An amazing fact that he learned is that antioxidant status in the body is directly related to all disease, not just cancer.  Your genetic disposition determines where it manifests in the body.  It was also found that vitamin C is essential for maintenance of the ground substance (basement membrane) in which the cells of the body are embedded.  This has direct application to reducing and preventing metastasis of cancer cells.  In fact, vitamin C is essential to neutralize the majority of carcinogenic toxins.
Even more interesting is that effective treatments for disease involves more than merely eliminating the initial or primary cause.  This is the case, regardless of the disease is cancer, heart disease, or other diseases.  Be sure that you know that antioxidant therapy for cancer should NEVER be your only treatment method.  By the same token, any treatment modality that does not utilize them is a very flawed approach.  Also, antioxidants work together, so it is good to use a variety of antioxidants.
Dr. Levy found that intravenous vitamin C is vastly better than most oral forms, and that it stimulates the immune system.  But recently, a new formulation of vitamin C works better than IV application.  This is called Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C.  It is said that 5-6 grams of this form is more effective in clinical applications than 50 grams of IV vitamin C because of the amount that is actually absorbed into the cells.  You owe it to yourself to do further investigation on vitamin C and how it is an amazing substance.  But don’t wait to hear from it from the medical authorities because it is cheap, effective, and cannot be patented.

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Intravenous Vitamin C for Cancer

I have seen reports that Vitamin C, given intravenously, is a powerful form of treatment for cancer.  I hope that you already realize that Big Pharma will definitely be against this because it will mean the end of charging exorbitant rates for chemotherapy drugs and radiation ‘therapy’.  They can’t patent Vitamin C. And this is the reason why they will never do any research on it, or work to make it popular.
The corporations’ only priority is to make profit.  All other considerations are of relatively minor importance.  Meditate on this and understand it.  It is the key to understanding the data that passes for news and ‘scientific’ studies that you see plastered all throughout the mass media.  Remember that the mass media gets paid billions of dollars for all of those polished advertisements for pharmaceutical drugs.  So they make money while the patients get to take poisons masquerading as medicines.

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Six Great Treatments for Cancer

This is a good, simple video to get you to thinking about some possible answers to your cancer treatment.  Understand that they may not work instantly, especially if you have already been subjected to chemotherapy, radiation or surgery.  Chemotherapy and radiation are notorious for their negative effects on the immune system.  The immune system is the bodily system that is used to fight and defeats cancer. So if it is destroyed, you literally have no way to fight and defeat the cancer if it reappears.

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